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Kenny Lattimore – Push


Grammy-nominated R&B artist, Kenny Lattimore returns with the new single “Push.”

Produced by Dra-kkar Wesley aka Madison, the commanding ballad showcases an edgier side to Lattimore. His emotive delivery paints a picture of a man who realizes he has made a mistake by pushing away the love of his life. Laying bare the inner workings of a man’s mind and hearts of women for listeners.

The song’s retro sound is the most obvious departure from Lattimore’s usual cadence but manages to maintain the smooth sound that is classic Kenny.

“The sound doesn’t conform,” explains Lattimore. “One of the things that I did think about was staying true to myself and the other was the fact that I remember the eighties well. We wanted to create something contemporary and timeless.”

“Push” is the first single off Lattimore’s forthcoming 9th studio album, which is due out October 13.

Take a listen below.

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