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Tiffany Evans Remixes Jacquees ‘B.E.D.’


Tiffany Evans lays down her unique take on Jacquees’ “B.E.D.”

Unleashing her “T-Mix” of the buzzworthy single, the R&B songstress delivers some angelic harmonies with a take-no-prisoners attitude. “2018 ‘Yoncé,” she sings over hand snaps and piano keys. “Don’t give a damn what your mom say.”

“Ni**a, you ain’t Michael Jackson,” she quips. “Billie Jean, hit the moonwalk, I don’t got no time for sharing / I’m in love with the fashion, but you be doing too much flashin’ / Bitch, I don’t need your money, what you’re spending, I can get it in a second.”

Tiffany dedicated her “T-Mix” to her fellow females. “As always, I had to flex a little for the ladies,” she explained. “Shout out to Jacquees.”

Last year, the 25-year-old wowed fans with remixes to The Weeknd’s “Starboy” and Chris Brown’s “Back to Sleep.” While crafting the follow-up to her All Me EP, Evans is poised to continue dropping “T-Mixes.”

Listen to her latest take on a familiar tune below.

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