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Vanessa Elisha – Dark & Lonely


Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Elisha is on a roll right now. Following the release of her standout cover of Drake’s “Good Ones Go,” the songstress returns with the tormented track “Dark & Lonely,” giving listeners an insight into the inner workings of her mind.

Once again joining forces with producer XXYYXX, the duo deliver another stellar collaboration.

“I met Marcel (XXYYXX) a couple of years back through Twitter and we haven’t stopped making music together since. I sent him ‘Dark & Lonely’ and asked if he wanted to work on it, and he literally got a beat back to me the next day. It’s really easy with us, we kind of just get each other’s sound,” she says.

This wave of dark R&B has certainly found a place with Vanessa, and although she is a strong woman, the title suggests something much deeper. “Dark & Lonely” is in a way an apology song, where you can feel the hurt and hear the pain, but the question is, who is she apologizing to? Herself? A lover? A friend?

“The song itself can mean a bunch of different things to different people,” says Vanessa. “For me, it’s about being comfortable as an introverted loner, and the judgement that comes from that. It’s about changing moods, changing tides, pushing people away, bringing them back in, being happy in loneliness, being sad in loneliness – the ramblings of a girl trying to figure her shit out really.”

Take a listen to Vanessa Elisha’s new single below.

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