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Jaylien – Summer Love

(By: Elle Breezy for

St. Louis artist Jaylien takes a break from his more ominous sound and ups the tempo for a breezy offering called “Summer Love,” an ode to warm-weather romance.

Perfect for a poolside party, “Summer Love” is a joyous uptempo track, and although the phrase “summer love” implies a temporary relationship and a sad ending, Jaylien seems unencumbered by these worries, as he sings, “See you remind me of Aaliyah/with a little Nia Long, yeah yeah yeah.”

Listen below:

Jaylien first made a name for himself as a go-to producer and songwriter with “Beautiful,” a worldwide smash recorded by Akon. After the success of “Beautiful,” Jaylien signed to Universal Music Publishing, producing and writing tracks for artists such as  Chris Brown, Cody Simpson, Cheryl Cole, T-Pain, LL Cool J, Quincy Jones,, and T.I., striking biggest with “Scream and Shout,” a top five Billboard hit for and Britney Spears. Last summer, JAYLIEN impressed fans and critics with Summer’s Over, his debut album as a vocalist.

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