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Willow Smith – Earth’s Children


Kids…Willow Smith has your back!

The 16-year-old pays homage to ‘Earth’s Children’ on her latest literary-inspired offering, soulfully empowering her listeners with inspiring lyrics.

“In times like this, we commune and we pray,” Willow sings. “To the mother nature, who uses death to gain.”

Along with the record’s release, Willow gave a special thank you to Jean M. Auel, the author of the Earth’s Children collection. “Thank you to Jean M. Auel for writing The Clan of the Cave Bear series,” she wrote. “It has truly changed my life forever and inspired this song.”

Last month, Willow celebrated The Mammoth Hunters from the Earth’s Children series, and recommended it to her Instagram followers.

“Just read the last page of this book and tears are streaming down my face,” she wrote. “I recommend this series to every single It deals with humanities deepest struggles, highest moments and has one of the best female protagonists ever written! It’s so beautiful I CAN’T !!”

Kudos to Willow!

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