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Summer Williams – “97”


Take a ride back to “97′” with Summer Williams as she evokes nostalgia with her latest single.

“97 brings me back to the first time I fell in love, like the first kiss that you ever had, you know the one where time stops and you feel so intertwined with that person,” explains Summer. “Almost reminiscent to SWV ‘Weak.’”

The Hip Hop Soul record will take you down memory lane while giving something hard and soulful to ride-out to. When asked about what inspired her to write the song, she says, “I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, so I wanted the song to feel like that old 90’s Martin and Gina type of love… if that’s not that kind of love, then I don’t want it.” Summer also declares that she was getting out of a long term relationship at the time as well, which also put a little influence on the song.

Take a trip back to 97’ with Summer:

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