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Keke Wyatt – Summertime


Surprise, Keke Wyatt has returned with an unexpected #NewMusicFriday single. The gifted R&B vocalist pays tribute to summer and the lazy hot days on the country styled, “Summertime.”

Showcasing her varied vocal talents, Keke reminisces about the summers she spent at her Granny’s house, familiar smells and special moments – all the things that made summertime her favorite season growing up.

“I’ve always labeled the music I make like a big pot of gumbo,” says Keke. “You’re going to get a little bit of everything. I’m a country girl and I always loved summertime in the country. Life can move so fast, and sometimes it’s good to just sit back and think about all those feel good memories that make you who you are. That’s the inspiration behind ‘Summertime’.”

The country-flavored song is the first from KeKe’s forthcoming album, Country Fried Soul, due later this year. The single is available now on iTunes and all digital music platforms.

Take a listen to “Summertime” below.

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