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Erin Stevenson – “Hangin”


It’s been a little over a year since we last heard the golden voice of singer-songwriter Erin Stevenson, when she dropped her Janet Jackson-approved single “Naked.”

July 28, the Houston–>Los Angeles transplant returns with a classic R&B ballad titled, “Hangin.”  Produced by DeShawn Hendrickson and written by Erin, Deshawn, and Sheleah Monae, the song tells a tale of love, but a true love that’s being taken for granted.  Stevenson delivers her retro-soul sound, but you can hear her pure emotion and raw talent so clear on this track, no autotune here. Erin quotes her favorite lyric, “I don’t do hangin, but I’ve been here hangin…so goodbye.”

Even the most casual listener is guaranteed to find themselves or someone close to them in this song.

Erin Stevenson has traveled the world for years touring and singing backgrounds with many of our favorite artists like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and others. She released her EP, Hot Damn, in the fall of 2015 but was still touring with Miss Jackson…Janet that is. This time around she’s promised to give it all she’s got.

“I’m jumping off the ledge and going for it…appearances, more shows, more interviews, you know…making myself available and putting myself first to attain my dreams,” says Erin.

Take a listen below.

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