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Nanna.B – ‘Golden’ (EP)


Melding an activist mindset and golden voice into her textured and lush strain of neo-soul, Danish-born artist Nanna.B drops her new EP Golden where she moves fluidly between modes and genres, spinning organic, ethereal instrumentals into introspective feminist slow jams.

“The Golden project is basically about the many shades of love and lust,” explains Nanna.B. “It’s inspired by different relationships but could pretty much describe one from the meeting and establishment of common grounds on ‘Golden’ to the all-consuming passion on ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ the ‘now i need my space and I got shit to do’ vibes on ‘Steady Line’ to the call for universal love energy on ‘Antidote.’”

In the past couple of years, Nanna.B established her presence in the L.A. underground with her debut album Vitaphone, catching the attention of Anderson .Paak, who went on to produce the project’s title track “Golden.”

This one feels good all the way through!

Stream Golden below

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