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Dante LyriQ – “Creep / Confessions”


Indie R&B artist Dante LyriQ brings an erotic sex appeal with his brand new single and video, “Creep / Confessions.”

Inspired by TLC’s classic 1994 single, “Creep,” the singer/songwriter keeps it real. Dante delivers a modern, trap-soul style take on being young and not committing to one relationship, over production by RicandThadeus. LyriQ knows he might be at fault, but he puts everything out on front street so not to break his girl’s heart.

“I don’t even know what’s wrong with me / Need a different girl like every week, ya know / Different strokes different folks babe,” he sings. “Don’t hate the playa just hate the game baby / And I know I know you want someone faithful girl / And I ain’t sayin’ girl that ain’t me / Just don’t want to see you go through that.”

The Richmond, VA native always wanted to pay tribute to TLC in his music, which he was inspired to do here while addressing the infidelity many experience in relationships today.

“I always wanted to pay homage to TLC for what they’ve done in the music industry,” explains Dante. “I feel like a lot of us artists don’t go back to who created some of our sounds or our vibes and that’s a lack in the way our generation is now. Sad to say, some men are out here lying as well as females, but I basically wanted to be completely honest with whoever, letting them know up front like, ‘I’m digging you, but it’s just bad timing. I’m messing with shorty here and there and I don’t even want to see you get hurt.’ Also, the Drake reference was so clutch at the end because it fit so perfect and I knew that it was something the audience would cling to.”

Dante LyriQ is currently working on his Despite Whatever EP, which is coming soon.

Check out the single and video for “Creep / Confessions” below.

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