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Belly – ‘P.O.P’

(By: Daryl Nelson for

Belly just delivered a new single called “P.O.P,” where he describes the power that a certain woman has on him.

“Perfection personified I was powerless in her presence / Acting all possessive I tried to buy her possessions / Possessed by the power that she possesses / Presented her my heart and she broke it like a profession,” he spits.

And later, the Canadian rapper brings out the risqué talk while still using some slick wordplay.

“Don’t be silly we really out here, you know? / I never bring my circle around squares, you know? / I stretch the p—– out like a lounge chair, ya h– / Little brown hairs that go downstairs below,” he rhymes.

Over the last year or so, Belly’s career has kicked into overdrive. In 2016 he toured with Juicy J, released videos with Future and Travis Scott, plus, he dropped some cool visuals for his cut “Come Down is Real.”

Listen to his new track below.

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