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Vera Blue’s Glimmeringly Beautiful Talent Shows On ‘Perennial’

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ercury Records/Universal Music Australia’s Vera Blue had her debut album peak at number 14 on the Australia charts and thus began a career upswing.

With this new collection of stories actually being the first under the name “Vera Blue,” Perennial does a fascinating job at making pop-folk that deviates from the rest. The 14-song album aims for the skies as artistic direction are on point.

On the title Blue said:

Perennial is a term for plants that come back year after year, and I like to relate that to memory, feelings and emotions. It’s what the record is all about; relationships can be very cyclical, or never-ending, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just part of life.”

The vinyl version will arrive September 1st of this year.

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