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Kyle Dion – Cool Side Of The Pillow


It’s been nearly a year since we last featured indie R&B sensation Kyle Dion. In a welcomed return, the singer/songwriter changes that now with the release of his brand new song, “Cool Side of the Pillow.”

A stunning record co-produced by Th3ory, Bizness Boi, and LosHendrix, the track opens with a single strumming guitar and quickly thickens up with an accompanying bassline and later a bobbing drum beat. Dion kicks it off with a falsetto that carries carefree over the instruments. As the track builds so does his emotion. Delivering his tale of a love addiction that he can’t drop, Kyle inflicts each feeling through his vocal range.

“I say yes / Tell you to slide thru / And I know I can’t contain myself, so I barely try to / That’s when I say yes,” he sings. Later adding, “Skin against mine / Love taking the long way / Say that you’re done, this time’s for real now / That’s when you hit me up / Say that your roommate is away, are you in town?”

The struggle is too real for Kyle, but we are completely lost in the impassioned situation, and this killer track.

Take a listen below.

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