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40 Glocc Busted In a Prostitution Sting in Minnesota

(By: Trent Fitzgerald for, Photo: TMZ)

Rapper 40 Glocc was among the four people who were arrested in a prostitution sting in Minnesota, reports TMZ.

The arrest happened back in February and 40 Glocc, whose real name is Lawrence White, was charged with two counts of intentionally promoting the prostitution of an individual and one count of inducing an individual to practice prostitution.

According to court documents, the 41-year-old rapper allegedly drove a woman to an unknown location after an undercover cop booked her through an ad on During the arrest of the woman, they discovered she was wearing a bluetooth device for live phone calls.
Police also noticed that the car the woman arrived in at the location had sped off.

Ultimately, police were able to locate the car and found 40 Glocc inside with his hands all cut up after he allegedly smashed multiple cell phones in his possession so he won’t be detected. 40 Glocc is currently out on bail; he must face the music at his hearing in October.

40 Glocc, who is looking for his monetary judgment from The Game, is currently recovering from his injuries after being shot at during a funeral he was attending last month in San Bernardino, Calif. The embattled rapper was shot in the chest and arm. There’s no word on why 40 Glocc was targeted at the funeral and he has not yet commented on the incident.

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