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Gwen Stefani Sued for Inciting “Stampede Rush” at Show, Injuring Fan

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In July 2016, Stefani allegedly told a crowd to come closer to her stage, resulting in a charge that left one fan with a broken leg

Gwen Stefani has been sued for negligence by a fan who says she was injured at Stefani’s July 2016 concert at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, N.C., TMZ reports. In the suit, which Pitchfork has obtained, the plaintiff claims that Stefani incited a “stampede rush” toward the front of the stage by allegedly telling attendees without assigned seats to come closer to the stage via the reserved seating area. According to the suit, Stefani announced “Just fill in anywhere you like!” The plaintiff claims she broke her tibia in the aftermath.

In addition to Stefani, the plaintiff has named Live Nation in the suit because, according to the suit, the company “[failed] to properly supervise Stefani… so as to prevent her from engaging in her negligent acts that resulted in the stampede rush.” She is seeking at least $75,000 from both Stefani and Live Nation. Live Nation representatives offered Pitchfork no comment. Pitchfork also contacted representatives for Gwen Stefani for comment.

(Interested to read the full complaint follow this link:


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