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Keke Palmer Releases ‘Keyananikole’ EP


Keke Palmer surprised her fan army on Friday with a brand new EP.

Only a few weeks after releasing the dance-heavy video for her current single “Wind Up” featuring Quavo, the singer/actress dropped a 5-track project which she recently cooked up with songwriter/singer, Jane Handcock.

While on an overseas work trip in Berlin, Germany, the two creatives got together and in their downtime crafted what is now the KeyanaNikole EP.

“Writing makes me feel love, I am constantly creating because it is part of my peace,” said Keke. “I was so happy when my girl @handcockjay came to visit me in Berlin, we both kill time the same way…thus @keyananikole was born. Everything happens for a reason.”

Telling her followers about her experience with the project, Jane wrote: “I came out to Berlin to visit my girl @keke. We both needed a little ‘pick me up.’ I was a bit drained from the hustle & grind in America as she was fatigued with the routine overseas. As always, when we link up, we can count on there being a bunch of shits & giggles, stories about our lives & how we grew up & sometimes even some tears. I hella didn’t expect to make the music we made but, I love every bit of it because it describes us to a tee.”

Handcock has worked with many big names in the music business, including Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, Tank, Kehlani, Raphael Saadiq, Adrian Marcel and more. In 2016 she released her debut mixtape, Truth Be Told.  Last year, Keke Palmer dropped her deeply personal EP, Lauren.  Now, she’s prepping her new album, along with more film projects.

Take a listen to KeyanaNikole below.

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