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Jeff Sanon – Miss Solana

(By: Jamila Wright for

Jeff Sanon is shooting his shot!

The Ottawa, Canada native created an ode to SZA entitled, “Miss Solana,” that we can’t stop listening to. Written and produced by Jeff himself, the song cleverly proposes taking Solana out on a date while infusing the titles and lyrics of songs from her album, Ctrl.

Combining both his impressive singing and rapping abilities, the Stxryteller opens the track by singing: “I would like to take you to Benihana / Just in case, I rolled up the marijuana / ‘Cause I know you like to smoke Miss Solana / Tell me can I smoke with you Miss Solana.”

After serenading her about the kind of date he’d take her on, Sanon raps, “I wanna give you Love Galore and be your ni**a / I wanna get to know Solana, not just SZA / And be the one to tell you that your booty getting bigger.”

Despite laying it all out there for SZA, it seems like Jeff Sanon would be content with himself even if they just smoked together and had a good conversation. We can’t be mad at him for that!

Check out the dope track below.

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