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Capital Cities Feat. Rick Ross – ‘Girl Friday’


Rick Ross and Capital Cities get ready for the weekend on their summer-ready collaboration “Girl Friday” off the L.A.-based band’s new EP Swimming Pool Summer.

To go along with Capital Cities’ sing-songy vibes, Rozay drops some grunt ad-libs and a special verse about Wingstop, frat parties, and Coachella.

“Biggest boss, got my shirt off at Coachella,” he rhymes. “Biggest blunts, everybody got their own fetish / So we had the concert at the frat house / Drank with live music ’til we passed out / Everybody rockin’ with the big boss.”

In addition to Capital Cities, Rozay recently collaborated with Anthony Hamilton on his new single “Glory of War.”

Watch the Biggest Bawse and Capital Cities unite in the animated lyric video below.

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