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Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix Have Another Hit Brewing

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The 2017 hit “Scared to Be Lonely,” between stars Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa, saw itself launch on top of the charts. The single went platinum in a plethora of countries and serves as many’s soundtrack to summery days. To our delight, a sequel may be on the way perhaps.

In DJ Mag, Garrix mentioned working with Lipa and how there’s a high likelihood that the pair will unite together on another track:

“I had never met her in real life, but I had this song called ‘Scared to Be Lonely’ and I really wanted [her to sing] a duet to be on the record because I loved her voice. Actually, I’m in the process of doing another song together with her. I really got to like her and found out she’s amazing and super dope, she has great energy… There’s also been times where people are recommended to collaborate with but I don’t really connect with that person. But I did with her. The writing process is the most important thing and if there’s not a great vibe in the studio creating a song, then it’s not worth staying in the studio.”

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