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BL’EVE Brown Feat. Jimmy 2Shoes – “FINESSE”


HipHopDX Premiere: Set to an incredibly infectious beat, BL’EVE Brown’s “FINESSE” is the perfect introduction to the New Jersey-based rapper. The Jamaican-flavored Harlem native enlisted the production skills of Platinum Beat Service to craft the beat and frequent collaborator Jimmy 2Shoes to throw in some extra vocal help.

“What does it take to go viral, fall back and make a comeback in a region where the natives have a bad habit of all sounding the same?” the press release reads. “If you’re B’LEVE Brown, the answer is simple. It takes talent to stand apart, a hunger for more success and when on the mic? A touch of ‘FINESSE.’”

The track comes ahead of his forthcoming project, Cosmosis, which is expected to arrive sometime in the near future.

Check out a snippet of BL’EVE’s style above.

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