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Jaira Burns – ‘Ugly’


Jaira Burns turns “Ugly” into something lovely.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, the blue-haired songbird offers her newest single with a side of gin and some infectious melodies, while singing about a complicated romance.

Over the hypnotic track, Interscope Records’ newest signee croons about her intoxicating glare and her man’s soothing charm. “He said he liked the color when he looked in my eyes,” she sings. “His lips are like nirvana, his kiss is paradise.”

While she warns her potential suitor about the possibilities, she realizes it’s all “fuckin’ good” in the end. “As long as you love me, this could get ugly,” she sings. “Yeah, baby, trust me, this could get ugly / But it’s fuckin’ good, real fuckin’ good / It’s fuckin’ good, lovin’ me like he should.”

Get “Ugly” below.


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