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Ameriie – ‘Redrum’

(By: Elle Breezy for

After establishing herself as a literature lover on Youtube, and following her Drive EP release in 2016, Ameriie is back with a new song called “Redrum” on Feeniix Rising Ent., a bassy jam with multiple layers of interpretation.

About the song, Ameriie explains in an email, “I’m having fun with storytelling. I like to layer multiple meanings so that you get deeper interpretations with closer listens. On its surface, REDRUM is about a successful and powerful man-eater. But go further into the lyrics and you see the woman is also a vampire who has lived and partied with the best of them.”

Listen to Ameriie’s new release below:

In addition to “Redrum,” Ameriie is scheduled to release a book titled Because You Love to Hate Me (BYLTHM) on July 11th

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