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Maurice Moore – Sensei

(By: Jamila Wright for

Maurice Moore is not one to sleep on.

In his latest Sunday Gem, Moore is a “Sensei” as he sings about knowing that he’s on the brink of something great. On the track, which he wrote and co-produced with King BNJMN and Auricle, Maurice sings about how he’s “almost famous.”

The up-tempo song mixes together a little confidence and a lot of facts, and Moore lets the people know that he’s been putting in some serious work and he’s coming for that number one spot. Every move he’s made has been purposely calculated and he details it as he sings, “I’m so good it hurts, it’s a gift and curse / I’m just tryna get it like it’s Black Friday and wifey want a purse / Yeah yeah yeah I’m almost famous.”

At about 2-minutes into the song, the track flips as he talks about being a sensei in the love game with his girl. “I ain’t tryna hurt you, I’m just tryna get to know you/ I just wanna love you, don’t wanna control you,” Maurice promises. “They wanna take me away from you, but sensei bite back like cobra/ Wise man stay close to the enemy, so if a nigga act up game over.”

Moore is currently prepping for a summer release of his debut mixtape ‘The Amber Room.’

Check out “Sensei” below.

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