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Jaylien – ‘Lucky Guy’ (Lyric Video)


Telling a twisted tale of devotion over sinister synth stabs, Jaylien explores the dark side of lust with the lyric video for “Lucky Guy.” Displaying the lyrics as written notes, texts, and Shining-esque bathroom graffiti, the video ups the ante on the track’s twisted subject matter, transforming a typical rap video premise into your worst nightmare.

“I know I’m not the only one who’s been in a situation where you’re sleeping with someone’s partner and yet you feel he’s actually the lucky one because he gets to keep her,” explains Jaylien. “It’s a true story so everything kind of flowed out naturally from start to finish. Word for word, the song is me in a very frustrating place, kind of dark place. The lyrics and music had to match the emotion and be authentic.”

Watch below:


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