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Bianca Rose – ‘Hidden’

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British/Jamaican/Nigerian singer-songwriter Bianca Rose releases the thought-provoking video for “Hidden,” the third single from Bianca’s debut album No Fear Here.

The music video, directed by Dominic Döring, is set around the issue of men and mental health and how difficult it is to share these particular struggles with those closest to us.

Bianca adds “Even as a woman it is never easy to reveal you have battled with any kind of mental oppression. But sharing is often the first step to breaking its power.”

Watch the below:

Rose has been writing and composing for the best part of a decade.  In 2007 she self- released her debut EP ‘Truth and Tiny Tragedies’, and has continued to collaborate and write songs for other artists ever since. Accompanying herself on guitar and ukulele, Bianca recently co-wrote X-Factor contestant Annastasia Baker’s debut album, resulting in Annastasia’s 2014 Mobonomination. Her debut album No Fear Here (released in January 2017) is an expansive interpretation of the singer songwriter genre, fusing Bianca’s folk/gospel sensibilities.


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