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Rion Michael Feat. Janice Freeman, William Brent & Jamel King – ‘Changes 2k17’

(By: Elle Breezy for

A few months ago, songwriter-to-the-stars Rion Michael gathered a few of his dear friends to do this tribute to Tupac Shakur in support of the “All Eyez On Me” biopic which hit theaters today (June 16th) on what would have been his 46th birthday.

“I, just like many others, have been touched, inspired, and moved by not only his music but his being as a person and care for society,” Rion explains. “Out of all of the songs I could have revised as a tribute, I chose to use ”Changes” as I feel that the entire world could benefit from the message in this song,” he says.

Rion, Janice Freeman, William Brent and Jamel King all sing lyrics of encouragement. “Never give up, keep going, keep going , you got this,” they sing.

Stream below:

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