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H.E.R – Vol. 2

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The mysterious is back with the second part of her debut project. She came out of nowhere late last year with “Volume 1” and quickly developed a massive fanbase thanks to her ability to merge the traditional R&B sounds with the more trendy drums. With the help of who helped executive produce this project, H.E.R. is now looked at as one of the up and coming stars in R&B. “Volume 2” includes some songs that have come out already including the ballad “Every Kind Of Way”.

H.E.R. will also be hitting the road with Bryson Tiller for the “Set It Off” tour which will kick off in early August.

We also spoke to DJ Camper not too long ago about this project and this is what he said:

“We just have to keep it going. We have a great buzz with over 30 million streams worldwide. She’s still a mysterious individual, so we just want to run with it. She’s coming up with a “Volume 2” project and that’s going to be coming out very soon. I will be executive producing that project also. It’s going to be good. If you thought “Volume 1” was good, wait until the second part. It’s just a vibe. Every round goes higher. It’s not a one quitter. It makes you say “Who is that? We want some more music”. When the music comes out, the world will not be disappointed. I’m working on that now and putting the final touches on it. We have a couple of surprises that I can’t reveal, but just know it’s going to be worth the wait.”

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