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Louis York – Nerds

(By: Elle Breezy for

From their project Masterpiece Theatre- Act 1, songwriting duo Louis York drop the video for “Nerds.”

About the song, they explain:

“‘NERDS’ is an honest depiction of the many emotions Chuck and I face daily. Two musicians, two cities, same concerns. Are we winning? Are we completely messing things up? Are we doing it right? We often doubt ourselves, but are still so full of hope. These ARE indeed the things that keep us up at night. This song sounds epic because our lives have been epic. We’ve had major successes, suffered crazy losses and gone through lots of unexpected twist and turns. The song goes from unapologetic rock & roll to moody pianos and finally to a gritty, dark uptempo. We want to take listeners on the actual journey from our childhood to the present so everyone can experience the fears and concerns that have shaped us. It’s a song that’s culturally relevant without being bitter. In the end, we’re patriotic dreamers with success on our minds and a desire to spread a lot of love. We are the ‘NERDS’.”

The first part of the clip sees  a young girl trying to fit in in school. She runs out with headphones and listens to the rock song in solace. The song then transitions to a brooding ballad and Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony appear in a dimly lit room. The little girl also reappears with an emotional interpretive dance.

“I wonder if Martin was alive now, would he be proud? / I wonder if Malcolm was alive now, would he be proud?” Claude Kelly sings.

Watch the stunning visual below:

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