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Canadian Crooner Maurice Moore Drops Three Newbies


STXRY’s Maurice Moore has released three new tracks in his six-week Sunday Gems series, the EDM/Funk-inspired “Just 2,” the bass-heavy club-banger “Scars,” and the slow jam “Something About You.”

Merging trap with 80’s R&B, “Just 2” is produced by Australian UNO Stereo, and depicts Moore hustling like crazy for the woman of his dreams over uptempo rave beats.

On the other hand, “Scars,” is a dark and heavy manifesto about Moore’s struggles and accomplishments. Produced by Tev Woods, KingBNJMN, and Auracle, this track has a little dub-step flavor, and finds Moore waxing poetic on his rise from a little kid writing poems in class to the hottest new voice in R&B.

On “Something About You,” Moore slows it down for a lovey serenade: “I don’t know, it’s just something about you,” he croons to his lady love.

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