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Grandmaster T.C. Izlam Of The Zulu Nation Reportedly Killed In Atlanta

(By: Adrian Moor for, Photo by: Caspar Benson/Getty)

Unfortunately, a much respected figure in hip hop recently passed away. Former Zulu Nation Minister of Information Grandmaster T.C. Izlam (real name Tony Bell) was killed in Atlanta, according to NYC hip hop promoter Van Silk and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell. News of T.C. Izlam’s death was told to Silk during one of his usual Facebook Live video posts. Rockwell called him in the middle of the recording and he could be heard saying, “They killed T.C. Izlam, man…they got him. They killed my man.”

OUR HIP HOP FAMILY.. DON'T KNOW ALL THE DETAILSR.I.P TC IZLAMDURING MY POST THE CALL TOWARD THE END.. FROM D.j. Kevie Kev Rockwell KIEV ROCKWELL IN TEARS. I. SAY R.I.P T.C ISLAM aka Tony Bell. He body was found in Atlanta.My last post from T.C MAY HE REST IN PEACE..MAY 23rd 2017Love the post u sent out big brotha. Just wrapped up a taping this week for a documentary. Let's talk soon and hope all is hip-steppin with u a d god bless ur family.Afrika Islam Mick Benzo Theodore Livingston Ikey Cee Donald D Bronx Kyle Brinson Soulsonic Biggs Anthony G. Horne MC ShaRock Sharon Jackson Todd Williams Bou Kahn Reggie Reg Crash Crew Kyle Eustice Lukes Claude Paradise Gray Kurtis Blow Walker Fred Crute Jazzy Jay Tony Crush Amber Cartha Mele Mel Glover Prince Whipper Chuck D Chuck Freeze Darrell PowWow Charlie Chase

Geplaatst door Van Silk op zondag 11 juni 2017

T.C. Izlam coined the “Hip-Step” subset of hip hop and he was considered a “little brother” to many pioneers within the culture. HipHopDX spoke to some of these figures on a conference call. It included Kurtis Blow, Grand Mixer DXT, Kool Kyle and Kevie Kev. DJ Kool Red Alert was also on the call, but was too shocked to make a cohesive statement. A reoccurring sentiment was T.C. Izlam’s ability to share knowledge and be a dope M.C.

“T.C. was and is one of the youngsters that came up among us that was a teacher,” DXT said. “He was a well-educated young man and his ambitions to lead and teach were profound. We don’t know what the circumstances are and were, but we know our brother is gonna be missed by the community.”

Kurtis Blow, who made the Tricka Technology album with T.C. Izlam, DJ Krafty Kuts, and A. Skillz, had some words for his lost friend: “We spent a lot of time together on tour. To see him on stage, he shocked and surprised me as a real legitimate force. He wasn’t just an MC. This guy was really good. He was masterful and incredible.” Blow continued, “He made me love hip hop. I knew there were other people who loved it as much as I did and do. He was one of them.”

You can check out T.C Izlam featured on the track “Tricka Technology” below.

R.I.P Grandmaster T.C. Izlam

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