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Vic Mensa Feat. Mr. Hudson – Almost There

(By: Trevor Smith for

Listen to the opening track from Vic’s new EP “The Manuscript.”

Once a regular on Kanye West records, Mr. Hudson has returned for his first big rap collaboration since Future’s “Real & True” with a hook on Vic Mensa’s opening track on The Manuscript “Almost There.” His soaring chorus compliments the anthemic quality of Mensa’s new record, which finds him venting over a soulful shuffle of a beat that doesn’t stray too far from Kanye’s early productions. He introduces the track as a throwback, insisting that it’s only natural for him to move on. “This for all my fans that say they want that old Vic / I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic / I’m new and improve call me Vic 2.0,” he raps. Later on, he addresses the perseverance of Black Americans through the country’s dark history, “They take the spotlight off you if you a shade darker / But we made our own American on this cotton field / Till we got a black millionaire for every Emmett Till.” In closing, he assures fans that his long awaited debut album is on its way.

The Manuscript is the first part of a two-EP series which will be followed by Vic’s album.

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