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Meant To Be – F.W.B. (Friends With Benefits)

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Following their single “Do Your Thing,” rising, young Philly quartet Meant To Be (MTB) are back with their new single “F.W.B.,” a youthful, soulful song about the classic, “no strings attached” type of relationship.

On the song, members Amir, Dash, Tay, and Rizzy are truthful about not wanting anything serious with their prospective love interests.

“Not tryna be your man , just wanna be your friend with benefits / Want you to understand, that baby girl, we just kickin’ it,” they sing over the track that has a throwback feel to early 00’s R&B.

Check it below:

Raised in Philadelphia, MTB, has built a bond in a short time.

Their forthcoming album It’s Meant to Be is a playbook on how to keep your girl; from treating her with the utmost respect to taking her out on a date in the park.

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