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Bzzy – “Crazy Love”

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BZZY (formerly known as Bizzy Crook) drops the new video for “Crazy Love,” the latest from his 2016 project, A Part of Everything. The Miami native raps about the highs and lows of a toxic relationship. For the video, BZZY was inspired by the popular Netflix show Black Mirror. The visual co-stars actress Jilly Anais. Watch out for the plot twist at the end of the video.

“Look I don’t ask for much/But how come we don’t talk enough whenever I get home/I mean I know these girls be texting other niggas/So why even check her phone?/We both in love but out of love/And we just waiting for someone to make the call/We’re both still young, young enough to walk away,” BZZY raps.

A Part of Everything was released before the end of 2016. For 2017, BZZY is shooting a mini-series and working on his new EP. This year is the birth of BZZY and the death of Bizzy Crook.

“I am shooting a mini-series of short film/music videos, inspired by Black Mirror,” he told XXL through email. “I want to challenge thought. I am also working on my new EP. I want to get it out in the fall, but there’s really no rush. Whenever its right. Its sounding amazing so far, and its going to take me overseas. My music has always came from a dark place, but I’ve been in such a great space that the music is obviously different. I’m more at peace with myself. I’m excited. No one’s ever heard me like this. I haven’t been working with any other artists. I’ve just been working on my new sound with my producer LVNSKY and The Mekanics.”

Watch the video for “Crazy Love” below.

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