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Janet Jackson Has Already Dropped 50 Pounds For Fall Tour

(By: Elle Breezy for

Janet Jackson is notorious for gaining weight then snapping back to 6-pack abs. During her pregnancy, she visibly put on the pounds as seen in pictures (below), but she was accused of wearing a fat suit and using a surrogate.

However, whether you believe she carried the baby or hired someone to, according to her team, the 51-year-old icon is reported to be busy whipping herself back into shape for her “State Of The World Tour” scheduled for this fall.

According to reports from a source telling to ET, Jackson has been “training, dieting and eating clean. Her pregnancy and having a healthy baby were her top priority, so when she canceled her last tour, she knew that she would be making it up to all of her fans once she got on the road again,” the source shares.


Jackson’s first tour stop is on Sept. 7 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Do you think Janet dropped the pounds naturally (like we’ve seen her do in the past), or did she dupe the world with a pregnancy suit and surrogate in order to keep her girlish figure?

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