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Detroit Collective Liquid Monk Drops Smooth Offering ‘On The Rocks’


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Detroit band Liquid Monk is comprised of members Eric Fillip (drums, percussion, electronics), Dan Gruszka (synth, guitar, electronics), Mike Leonard (synth, guitar) and Omar Taji (synth bass, keyboards). They recently released a smooth offering title “On The Rocks,” a fusion of electronic, soul, and hip-hop sounds.

On the song, Jaye Prime and Hugo Biggs offer vocals as the band acts as a producer showcasing the talents of each musician.

Stream below:

Liquid Monk have become a name on the Detroit music scene synonymous with instrumental virtuosity, genre bending creativity, and energetic live performances. Their debut EP Yaga was released in 2015 and had a unique blend of fiery jazz fusion, lush synthesizers and pounding live electronica. “On The Rocks” is the first single off the upcoming Liquid Monk self titled debut LP via Beverly Martel Records due out this Fall.

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