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Cocoa Sarai – ‘9 Lives’


What happens when an emotionally abusive relationship forces one of the people to choose themselves or the other person? We all know love is a gamble, but loving someone who isn’t ready is equal to playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. When love becomes a game, someone has to lose and Cocoa Sarai’s new video for “9 Lives” off of her current project Nostalgia | The Vibey EP speaks to that emotion directly. French producer WOLFGVNG along with Asst. Director Louis Stancil and Director Reynoir Lewis of The Collective Vision did an amazing job of bringing Cocoa’s treatment and song to life.

“When I was writing the treatment for the music video it was important for me to show the frustration of being in an emotionally abusive relationship visually,” Cocoa says. “I learned the hard way that choosing me meant hurting him and I had to be OK with that.” He was crying and for the first time I couldn’t feel anything. Apologies weren’t enough, I was sick of “I’m sorry’s.” Walking away meant starting over and he was all I knew! I was hurting but not in a loud way. This time I felt numb and silent. There was no room for sympathy or reconciliation. My spirit was already mourning the breakup. That night I put the beat on and like most of the songs on the album, it literally poured out of me. I didn’t write anything down. Emotionally abusive people can make you think you’re crazy because there are no physical scars. You end up embodying all the negativity they project.  It’s never okay! Once the song was finished, I knew that I wasn’t going back.”

Watch the short, artistic clip below:

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