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Raahiem – ‘Fear Of The Unknown’ EP

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Since his first effort last year (“Fear”), Toronto-based artist Raahiem, continues to quietly carve out a space for himself within the R&B world with his debut project The Fear Of The Unknown. On the project, Raahiem tackles a conversation often avoided today – fear.

Over the 6-track EP the singer brings listeners to all aspects of relationships, not shying away from the bad or the ugly. Co-produced by Anthony Bastion, Fear of the Unknown bridges sounds of traditional R&B with a contemporary twist, creating a balanced souncdscape that highlights Raahiem’s vocals (including an intoxication falsetto), as well as his creative process.

Raahiem explains, “It’s such a dictator the way it sways the choices we make in life. The lack of knowledge we have about tomorrow and the people around us creates such uncertainty that everybody experiences at some point.””This project for me was all about addressing the unspoken when it comes to the subject fear, which is such a big part in all of our lives. Worrying about tomorrow, the day after that, relationships with people, and where life will take us. Trying to understand that these things, more often than not are out of our control and we have to accept life as it comes.  We embrace the good and the bad. Even if reluctantly.”

Check it out below:

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