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Diddy Pranks Liam Payne, Made The First Time They Met Awkward

(By: Benjamin enfield for

Apparently, if you’re meeting Diddy for the first time, be prepared for a potentially awkward introduction.

Former “One Direction” star Liam Payne, definitely no stranger to a glitzy showbiz party, recalled one particular incident on The Graham Norton Show when he introduced himself to rap’s soon-to-be billionaire.

“I went over to speak to [him] and as I shook his hand, he just laughed [the] most evil laugh that I’ve ever heard.” According to Payne, Diddy happened to be standing near Beyonce’s husband Jay Z and Leonardo DiCaprio at the time, but Liam approached the “Been Around the World” rapper because he thought he would be the “friendliest”. Looks like Payne missed the mark a bit.

You can watch a clip from the show below.

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