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New Music: $uicideboy$ – Styrofoam

(By: Trevor Smith for

Listen to “Styrofoam,” one of a number of new tracks from the New Orleans duo.

$UICIDEBOY$ have shared parts XI – XV in their KILL YOURSELF series, featuring both new and previously released tracks. “Styrofoam” is one of the new ones coming off part XV: THE COAST OF ASHES SAGA. The song is an ode to Houston, featuring a dusty sample and some chopped & screwed influence. As the title suggests, Lean, the codeine and promethazine-based drink originally popularized by Houston rappers is the main topic here.

However, it’s not exactly a celebration of the dangerous beverage, as the rappers’ acknowledge their addiction and the negative effects that come with it: “Now I’m leaned over / Now my spleen’s Yoda / Green throw up / I’m a fiend, so what?”

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